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Why You Should Consider Installing a Patio Cover on Your Home

Have you ever experienced how good it is to sit outside listening to the rain? It's also great to enjoy the warm summer breeze without getting scorched Utah's hot sun. Having a patio cover will help bring your vision into reality. Our patio covers are structures designed to provide outdoor shade. Typically, we'll attach it to your home, but we do freestanding covers as well! 

A properly installed patio cover allows you to enjoy the outdoors without leaving your backyard. Here, we'll explore the numerous additional benefits of having a patio cover.

Expands Your Space

Whether you have a standalone or attached cover, it goes a long way in expanding your living space. If using your patio is difficult due to exposure to sun, rain, or snow, consider installing a cover. This will allow you to utilize your patio to the fullest. With our patio covers, you'll have more opportunities spend time outside. The more functional your patio is, the better return on investment you'll get!

Increases Your Home's Value

Do you have intentions of eventually selling your home? If that's the case, a well-designed and built patio space can give you great returns. Upgrading your patio area will attract more buyers and help you fetch a higher price!

Offers Shelter From Rain

We've all had our plans disrupted by an unexpected rain shower. However, our patio covers enable you and your loved ones to enjoy the fresh air, and hopefully keep your plans, despite bad weather. Plus, what's better than the soothing sound of rain gently drumming on the roof? 

Take a vacation in your backyard! Cool Covers is here to help you build a personalized shade fixture or patio. Call us today for more information on how to improve your outdoor space!

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