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Patio Cover Builder

Enhance Your Space with Custom Awnings

Get year-round beautiful coverage and comfort for your outdoor living spaces. Enjoy the silhouette of a pergola with the complete coverage of a full patio cover with our Pergola end caps. It’s our signature patio cover with the profile trim of a pergola. Available in a variety of colors and finishes, the pergola wrap detail adds that extra polish to your carport or patio cover, increasing the aesthetic appeal and value of your home or space. Like all of our covers, your pergola wrapped kit offers shade and protection from harsh elements, is virtually maintenance free and is tested to withstand wind and snow. A beautiful addition, to any home! Increase the value of your property with your choice of solid roof or lattice patio options from Cool Covers. Our patio covers in Northern  Utah are the perfect additions to any home.

- Available freestanding or attached

- Includes built-in rain gutter

- No need to paint, stain or sand

- No cracking, warping, peeling or rotting

- Engineered for up to 32 lbs snow load and 120 MPH winds

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